Negotiated Trade & Investment Opportunities

Project participation, Equity positioning, Raw materials and Product sourcing, Supply chain and Contract negotiation.

Our Role

To help Australian, Chinese and International companies establish, build and maintain their import export business and understand the challenges of investing. Whilst not an investment advisor, we seek to provide information to assist companies to make good investment decisions and to provide a coordinated approach that is cost effective. Working with organisations to establish, expand or monitor the import and export of their products to ensure.

  • Distributors performance
  • Quality control
  • Market efficiency
  • Product integrity
  • Port and shipping
  • Monitoring in store merchandising
  • Contractual obligations
  • Negotiation of pricing and contracts
  • Negotiation of export finance, Letters of Credit and Terms of Trade



Iron ore, Coal, LNG

Food Production

Dairy product: UHT Full Cream & Skim Milk, Flavoured Milk, Milk Powder, Infant Formula, Fruit Juices

Joint Venture Solutions

Working with Investors, Manufacturers & Equity Partners

Investment in Australian Agriculture

Olive Plantations / Vineyards / Dairy / Beef / Wool / Cotton / Mining / Packaging and Processing Plants

Australian 100% “Cold Pressed” “First Pressed” Extra Virgin Olive Oil Australian growing conditions are ideally suited to producing the best possible Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Australian Olive Association Code of Practice guarantees Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified authentic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh full of flavour and 100% natural juice from the olive.

Market Intelligence & Investment Opportunities

  • Research on industry capabilities and opportunities
  • Advice on market developments, trends and forecasts
  • Information on peers and competitors in the market
  • Regular marketing reports;
  • Evidence of marketing and promotional activities, photographs
  • Attend seminars and trade fairs

Identification of Suitable Investment Locations & Partners

  • Comparative information on different locations
  • Identification of specific locations and sites, based on your requirements
  • Organisation of visit programs and meeting schedules
  • Introductions to possible partners, including:
  • Local market, industry experts and professional service providers (e.g. legal, taxation) relevant federal, state/province and local governments, regulatory agencies and authorities; and research and development partnership opportunities and potential business partners
  • Advice on government approvals required for your business and help to streamline the relevant processes
  • Advice on exporting/importing to markets

Information on Business & Regulatory Environments

  • Expert on Australian, and Chinese Markets
  • Guidance at the early stages of the investment decision-making process
  • Information on issues such as economic factors, business costs, the taxation regime, ease of doing business, investment regulations, skills availability and immigration
  • Advice on Australian and Chinese business practices and cultural customs
  • Assistance and introductions for establishing operations in Australia and China